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InterMetro’s Super Erecta Hot Shelving


As outdoor dining and curbside pickup begin to stabilize in the foodservice industry, equipment and supply innovators are challenged with delivering products that operators need—and fast.

The team at InterMetro knows this—and they’re prepared. Before the pandemic hit, their team huddled together for a national sales meeting that was titled “Disruption 2020”. They knew big change was coming to the industry and that Metro would be at the forefront of redefining commodity kitchen staples.

The new heated shelves are made in North America—they’re now available for purchase and immediate shipping. Just like all Metro shelving, the Hot shelves are adjustable, customizable and compatible with all Metro Super Erecta shelving, so they can be mixed and matched with your chrome and epoxy shelving levels as needed, to keep cold food cold and hot food hot, and all food safe. The heated holding models are sealed with an antimicrobial coating, and befit these units for extended hold times. Shelves reach a piping hot temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit and are waterproof, making them the perfect solution for curbside pickup, takeout and delivery.

Sidewalks, gardens and patios nationwide have evolved into living, breathing foodservice spaces, and thus, our operational needs transformed. Now more than ever, innovation is crucial. A bold idea doesn’t seem so absurd anymore.

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metro-hot shelves-singer equipment